Hurry! 10 New Inc. Magazine Playbook Video Shorts About Visionary Leadership

Here are 10 New Inc. Magazine Playbook Video Shorts Based on My Column about Visionary Leadership:

How to Avoid Mediocrity and Build a Winning Business
3 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity at Work
3 Secrets Your IT Department Is Hiding From You
3 Things You Need to Know to Manage a Team of Superstars
3 Steps You Can Take Today to Be a Visionary Leader
3 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Best Workers
3 Ways to Save Your Business From the ‘Fog of War’
3 Ways to Inspire Your Employees to Greatness
3 Ways Leaders Can Set the Right Tone
3 Ways to Create a Transparent Work Setting

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Re-imagining the city of the future

A century ago, as one immigrant population after another made its way to America in search of a better life, their destinations were our country’s burgeoning cities. This was where they could build their desired quality of life — they would make friends, educate their children in nearby schools and find good jobs there. Everything they needed to make their lives whole was there, beneath the steeples and spires and growing skylines…Read more:

Re-imagining the city of the future

Published in the Hartford Business Journal earlier in the week.  If you live, work or play in a city you just may get something out of this one!

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Business Strategy and IT Connection (Book Excerpt Series: 1)

Insurance Innovation Reporter a leading industry technology thought leader magazine is running a series of articles based on excerpts from The Executive Checklist.  The is first can be found here: jigsaw

Business Strategy and IT Connection (Book Excerpt Series: 1)

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