It’s All About Focus…

Superior companies seem to have the capacity to stay in the moment and remain focused even when bombarded by immeasurable distractions incessantly hurled from an ever changing and dynamic business world.

The best management teams have the uncanny ability to not become distracted by the next “big thing”. Rather, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of their strategies and stay ever vigilant in the implementation of those things that will distinguish them within their chosen markets.

As senior leaders, we need to forge a work environment that allows our firms to stay in the moment. This enables us to make appropriate mid-course adjustments and involves the coordination, review and resetting/reconfirmation of the firm’s projects and programs, ensuring:

  • Executive management review and ownership of the Strategic Plan;
  • The existence of an effective means for the business to articulate new strategic initiatives;
  • The “spearheading” of appropriate changes to existing strategic project/programs plans; and,
  • The proper prioritization of newly defined and sanctioned work efforts.

Sure, it’s EZ to get distracted. management teams abandon their game plans and begin to blindly chase the promise of those shiny objects in the corner all the time! But, when they do, they find that the distraction caused their organizations to lose ground and squander precious assets.

To close, sustainable success can only be achieved by staying focused and following through in the implementation of the strategies that will differentiate the winners from the “also-ran’s”.

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