How We Love to Resist

Here are just three examples of some of the change resistance techniques that I’ve worked through on a recent engagement. See if any ring a bell in your experience:

“This re-org will bust the union!” – Interestingly, this example of the “pushing fear” technique, didn’t hold water. The transformation work that was delivered led to the creation of 3 new union supervisor positions, 8 new assistant union supervisor positions and the lateral transfer of an entire union working class from a dead-end job classification to one with a career ladder. If anything, the change we implemented fortified the union and its leadership.

“These consultants don’t care about us; they’re just here for the money – their ideas will drive us out of business.” – This is a common example of the” false enemy” tactic in play. But, after just one year, the changes implemented in the operation led to a 20 point uptick in profitability and allowed the firm to weather the recent financial crisis without a single layoff.

“The new changes has done nothing but create backlogs – In an apparent show of defiance (and use of the” secrecy” tactic), the unit supervisor created the backlog situation that she was reporting on by not distributing the work to her team for processing. Once the truth was discovered, the backlog magically disappeared.

We love to resist, but, leaders need to lead through that resistance.

One thought on “How We Love to Resist

  1. I also experienced a reorganization with resistant supervisors who could not define “what is work ?”. This group was resistant to all suggestions and had to be bypassed in order for the process to progress and not lose the positive energy from the other supervisors willing to participate in the new endeavor


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