Dueling Loops of Change Management

The Dueling Loops Theory has been used to explain the fundamental behavior of political systems. The theory characterizes a political system as having two competing loops, spinning in opposite directions. The loops represent all of the activities performed in an attempt to attract support among the non-committed – one loop is racing to the top, the other to the bottom.

It’s fascinating to recognize the parallels that exist between the inner workings of political systems and that of organizational culture.

Resistors to change within a business uses the same combination of these five deceptive strategies to win-over converts as the Race to the Bottom camp uses in political campaigns:

False enemy – someone or some group is made out to be an adversary, but, in fact, is not;

False Promise – assuring that something will be done, when there is no intention of doing it;

Pushing fear – the assertion that a threat exists, when one is not present;

Wrong priority– a goal that’s promoted as high priority, when it should not be;

Secrecy– hiding or withholding the truth.

So, beware!

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