Better, Faster Customer Experience

I’ve been working with my strategic partners at Blum-Shapiro to help the state of Connecticut’s Tax Agency called the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) smooth and improve its taxpayer experience.

Working with a team of DRS employees, we stripped down the tax registration process and reassembled it more efficiently. What used to take 15-20 days was shortened to a 1-2 day turnaround for paper registration applicants. For on-line applications, a 10-13 day process now only needs 2-5 days for completion.

In addition to reducing the wait for Connecticut businesses, the new process makes possible a more productive reallocation of existing staff to eliminate a significant backlog of suspended return transactions and electronic applications — cutting the rolling, standard backlog in half!

Said DRS Commissioner Kevin Sullivan, “Whether it’s strategic planning or lean analysis, the department takes very seriously Governor Malloy’s insistence that state government work smarter by cutting time and costs.”

All of that leads to a Better, Faster Customer Experience…Something every enterprise should strive to deliver.

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