This Week’s Tip – Vision and Principles

Let’s face it, while fraught with unprecedented challenges, today’s global business environment provides organizations with one tremendous opportunity – the opportunity to reinvent.

As mentoned on my last post, I’ve decided to begin to share some key points from my most recent book, The Best Practices Enterprise.

With a new business epoch upon us, existing organizational models, operating policies, work flows, trading practices, reporting structures, even the goods and services offered, should all be rethought and redefined. By considering the Best Practices presented in my book, organizations can choose to exploit the opportunity to change and drive their enterprises to unparalleled success. Those that choose not to reinvent themselves will fall behind. Indeed, many already have! Businesses must begin to position themselves for the continual transformation that is required today. It all starts with the fashioning and expression of a new strategic agenda – one that is both stirring and bold.

This week, I’d like to present a set of business principles that I think every business should adopt and actualize within their operations. Why these? Because they address the key issues that must be accounted for in any legitimate vision for the early 21st century business environment.

1. The Best Practices Enterprise™ will place “laser-like” focus on establishing a work environment that supports continuous transformation.

2. Processes will be broadened to include all related responsibilities and tasks, free of existing organization design or “chain of command”.

3. Processes will be designed independently of current work locations and physical plant.

4. Strategic Planning will be a continuously performed process and all new initiatives will be evaluated via this process before inclusion in the Strategic Plan.

5. All work to be done within the firm must be included in the Strategic Plan before commencing.

6. Work will be managed as a portfolio of projects and programs.

7. The information technology environment will be architected with resiliency and flawless integration in mind.

8. The Best Practices Enterprise™ will aggressively leverage the emerging free agent market.

9. Diversity and inclusion efforts will be aimed exclusively at establishing a culture where individual differences among workers are recognized as valuable ingredients in achieving the best business outcomes for the organization.

10. Communication will be recognized as a vital process that must be managed deliberately.

11. With increasing business variability in mind, the work environment will be constantly monitored to identify opportunities to outsource routine activities to best-of-breed vendors.

12. The organization will seek to establish new types of vendor relationships that clearly define mutual gain for the parties involved.

13. The Best Practices Enterprise™ will adopt “Continuous Employee Improvement” behaviors.

14. Performance measurement programs will focus on results, and, not effort.

15. A team-based management model will be adopted by the Company to enhance the ability to better respond to emerging market opportunities.

As a final thought, while it is true that these principles can be universally applied, they must be uniquely implemented within an organization to have the desired effect. A good deal of my practice has been spent crafting visions for businesses interested in establishing a “new normal” and providing the rationale and implications that make these principles “pop” for my clients. Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in furthering your organization’s work towards tomorrow.

As always please share, comment, and otherwise pass it on.

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