The Results Are In!!

My survey on Strategic Themes articles is officially closed.

I want to thank those that participated and share the results:


1) We had an amazing 62% reply rate — thanks!

2) 72% of respondents “Often” or “Always” read my articles — when we include the “Sometimes” response we get over 95% reading the articles — a heartfelt thank you!

3) All of the topic areas gained high approval. There was a fairly even spread among them. However, “Leadership” was the most favorite topic of interest (with 19% of respondents rating it first (Strategic Vision and Organizational Design each ran a close 2nd at 17% rating these as their favorite topics))

4) “New Idea” and “Unique Perspective” were highest rated article attributes with 54% rating each of these as the most important driver for reader satisfaction. Interestingly, “Humor” and “Quick Read” were the least important attributes.

5) 81% of respondents “Fold it into their thinking” or “Pass it On/Discuss” the articles that resonate with them — I like that!

6) Not surprisingly, there was a 50/50 split on “author contact” — some people reach out to me, some don’t.

As a management consultant/advisor, paid for “thought leadership,” I welcome feedback and discussion of my ideas. It’s how I generate business. So, if the idea makes sense, call on me.

Thanks again.

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