Leveraging the Emerging Free Agent Market

Given these tumultuous times, a Best Practices Enterprise™ should seek to aggressively leverage the emerging free agent market. There’s a terrific opportunity, with all of the layoffs and downsizing going on, to get exceptional talent — and, the good news is that this talent can be acquired on an “as needed” basis if organizations are positioned to manage the talent as temporary (but, talented), free agents.

Over 30 million Americans work independently, and, the number is growing. While some people are forced to consider free agency due to economic conditions, others choose it. These mavericks enjoy the autonomy that comes with self-employment. Indeed, some of the “best and brightest” prefer it.

With that said, Best Practices Enterprises™ need to face these facts and plan accordingly. In fact, the use of contracted talent is a key ingredient to establishing needed agility. Hiring what’s needed, when needed is how the game is won in a highly competitive marketplace, like the one in place today.

There are some important considerations to address before leaping into the fray, including:

· Firms must establish programs aimed at creating a culture that attracts, develops and retains quality free agent personnel.

· Permanent staff must be made aware of the trends taking shape in the employment market and the Company’s desire to leverage the opportunities that exist there.

· Free agent personnel must be trained in the organization’s operating policies, procedures and quality standards, so that they can get up to speed quickly and deliver desired results.

To close, these recessionary times provide a great opportunity to attract quality talent. A Best Practices Enterprise™ management team would be wise to promote this cultural shift through its actions and be prepared to actively manage the enterprise through the transition needed to leverage Free Agency.

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