PM Boot Camp

Here’s another sample case study from my latest book. If you don’t have a copy of The Best Practices Enterprise, you can get it at Amazon by simply following the link below:

This case highlights some of the steps that firms are taking to evolve towards a project-centric enterprise…

Cultivating project management talent is always difficult. Recently, a client company engaged our firm to help it establish a rigorous project management training course for a dozen of its more aspiring Project Managers. The resultant “PM Boot Camp”, as attendees came to call it, proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

Enlisting the assistance of Padgett-Thompson, we created a one week training curriculum in PM tools and techniques that included instruction in subjects like Gantt, PERT, Microsoft Project and facilitation skills. A one-day seminar covering the client’s particular Program Management Office procedures and practices was the centerpiece of the offering.

Led by members from both Padgett-Thompson and the client’s PMO, the training session was sound. It was well received by the participants. By employing a “Train-The-Trainer” model and repackaging the training modules, the firm intends to re-offer the “PM Boot Camp” in the future.

It is through devising creative techniques like the “PM Boot Camp” that Best Practices Era enterprises are preparing for the future and working to position for continued success. Clearly, the commitment demonstrated in this example is paying dividends. The client has delivered over 40 projects in the past year and has three dozen more on the docket for next year. Surely, more such programs will be springing-up in organizations around the globe.

Think of the Best Practices Enterprise Group when your organization is considering renewing its commitment to portfolio-based project management and PM best practices. We can help.

3 thoughts on “PM Boot Camp

    1. That’s great to hear…I think it’s a terrific way to get immersed in the subject and be positioned to apply the concepts immediately in the work setting.


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