A Deliberate Communications Program is Essential to Success in the Age of Business Globalization

As mentioned in earlier posts, the age of the Best Practices Enterprise™ will bring about the true globalization of business.

Many of today’s senior business leaders manage their organizations internationally, not globally. They view each location as a remote office that is separate and distinct from the firm’s other operations in the world.

To manage the enterprise “globally,” is a different management paradigm. It requires the management team to think differently about the essence of the business.

The company is no longer separate and distinct entities. It is a web of interdependent parts that span the globe – independent of physical location. Dependable communications frameworks are a must in supporting this type of global enterprise.

Further, staff inclusion is an essential element of morale and good morale is needed to achieve strong business results. Communication projects aimed at specific special interest groups can emerge (e.g., union workers, minority staff, disabled employees etc.). These types of efforts are an important part of a corporate communications plan. They contribute to the wellbeing of the organization.

Once the communications processes are established and the communications vehicles needed to transport and convey the information are in place, personnel should then be instructed in how to use them properly and encouraged to fold communication work steps into all that they do – fostering communications across the concern.

With perseverance, communications can become the lifeblood of the company. Look to the Best Practices Enterprise Group to help you define and execute a solid communication strategy program, one that can withstand the test of time.

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